The Developer API enables third party application integration with our platform, allowing you to manage every aspect of your account through the API.

  • The Developer API adheres as closely as possible to the REST model
  • All endpoints require authentication (HTTP Basic)
  • Requests are made via HTTP POST, GET, PUT and DELETE variables
  • Responses are in JSON format

To authenticate using HTTP Basic, use your Developer API sid and auth token as the username and password respectively. These can be retrieved these via your Dashboard account under Profile > API Settings.

Base URL

Unless otherwise notified, the base URL to access the Developer API is https://api.ziron.net

HTTP Methods

The Developer API uses the following HTTP methods:

GET - used for retrieving information from a particular URI

POST - used for creating new object and adding new transactions into the queue

PUT - used for altering object properties

DELETE - used for object deletion

 Request example

curl -u AC63d5e6c60b8b5c49e216c3344ea804e:35666f11ca1c82fc68f28721087c4b41 -H 'Accept: application/json' https://api.ziron.net/v1/AC63d5e6c60b8b5c49e216c3344ea804e

HTTP response codes

 A list of applicable HTTP response codes are documented in our error documentation.

Formatting and naming conventions

The table below represents all the existing formatting and naming conventions used in this guide:





API sid:token combination



all the parameters are italicised


* (asterisk)

marks the required parameters

label *


indicates request examples

GET /Accounts/AC63d5e6c60b8b5c49e216c3344ea804e
code block
Code block indicates console requests and response examples.

curl -u AC63d5e6c60b8b5c49e216c3344ea804e:35666f11ca1c82fc68f28721087c4b41 -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json' https://[API-URL]/v1/AC63d5e6c60b8b5c49e216c3344ea804e'

We use the following formatting elements to draw your attention to notes, warnings, and other important information:

This is a note