In the event of an error, the Developer API will return appropriate fields.

Response Code

Varies, but will begin with 4 (for client errors) or 5 (for server errors).

200 OKthe request was successful (some API calls may return 201 instead)
201 Createdthe request was successful and a resource was created
204 No Contentthe request was successful but there is no representation to return (i.e. the response is empty)
400 Bad Request

the request could not be understood or was missing required parameters

401 Unauthorized

authentication failed (check your credentials)

403 Forbiddenthe request was understood but the server refused to action it
404 Not Foundresource was not found
500 Internal Server Erroran unexpected error occurred
502 Bad Gatewaythe request was unsuccessful due to a problem with our operator partners
503 Service Unavailablethe server is temporarily overloaded or under maintenance
504 Gateway Timeoutthe request was unsuccessful due to a problem contacting our operator partners

Response Fields

A JSON document is returned, with an error object containing the following fields:

statuscodeThe HTTP response code sent in the header, for convenience
statusdescThe human-readable description of the HTTP response, for convenience
errormessageA human-readable error message
erroridA unique reference number for this error

If reporting an error to Support, please include the error ID in your query.